We, at Gurjosh Homes Ltd., are specifically expert in designing and building custom homes. When you don’t want to compromise with quality and want to give a personal touch to your dream home, building custom home is best option and we can make your experience memorable.

“There are many reasons why it is best to customize your home instead of buying already built home from someone else. But most importantly, with custom home you can”

Gurjosh Custom Homes

Custom Homes & Town House

use your space properly as per your wish list.We will plan every single inch of space properly according to your needs. Instead working on pre-existing plan or half custom home plan, a complete custom floor plans with Gurjosh Homes Ltd  have many advantages. Your home will have no waste space and will meet all your needs and living standard.

in your house . Everything from Design, wall , floor coverings, custom cabinets, bathroom equipment, appliances, color selection, landscaping will be selected to your satisfaction. Gurjosh Homes Ltd Can Create a Perfect House for your and your family

in any city .Gurjosh Homes Ltd works with 150+ Realtors where he can find your the perfect Lot. Whether you want your house away from main streets or just close to plazas, all depends on you. We can deliver Perfect House in any part of the city.

We work with 150+Realtors to find you the perfect house to renovate or perfect lot to develop. Our Team of Professionals Builders can deliver the Quality Home in few weeks.



If you don’t have any experience in home building or you are too busy with your day to day routine, we got you covered. Our team of expert project managers would take all the responsibility from starting to the end of project and you can invest your time somewhere else.
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